Armor Crafting & Enhancing

When starting out, you should get and upgrade uncommon armors. (You can do the same with basic armors, although you will grow out of basic armors relatively quickly. The daily gifts will often grace you with a rare or super rare armor!) Upgrade a suit of each uncommon armor to max using basic armors (or uncommon armors). Use the same elements for best results. For example, if I’m upgrading Stonescale platemail (earth uncommon), I should use basic earth armor or another stonescale platemail. Bear in mind that that you could upgrade two of each of the uncommons. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Once you are into the rare armors (Snakeskin is your first from the Medusa) you can craft them and upgrade them. Don’t go to far upgrading them, however. They’re not that good. (Of the rare armors, the best are Atlantean Avenger and Crius Armor. The others are OK, but by the time you can craft them, you should have better armors in your arsenal.)

How do you get better armor? Combines with a fusion stone. Remember the 10 uncommon armors I told you to max out? Well this is where they come in handy. Fusion Combines of two armors will give a different armor that is the average of the two levels of the armors used! So if I use a level 30 stonescale platemail, and a level 30 Seafoam armor, I will get out a rare level 30 armor (or even a super rare level 30 armor!) This saves some time, and it’s actually easier (and cheaper!) to fuse two uncommons together.

Fusing two basic armors will also yield a rare armor. However, the odds of getting a super-rare armor is greatly decreased.

Combining two super rare armors will give ultra rare, super rare, or rare. In all the times I’ve fused them together, I’ve found that the super-rares give more rares. It could just be my bad luck However, I have been getting Legendary armors (4 star) by fusing two ultra rare armors that I crafted. Bear in mind that I’ve also fused two ultra-rares and gotten a super rare armor out instead.

Fusing two legendaries will give you a legendary armor or an epic armor. I’ve been playing for a year and here are the epics I’ve received: two Blazeborn Vanguards, one Sandstorm Platemail. THAT’S IT! But you can get the epics this way.

Bear in mind that if you get a +legendary armor, they are generally going to work well against arena and guild war targets. You can get to the Legendary + armor by reaching battle 43 in the boss battle. Bear in mind you will need to raise the Legendary suit from battle 15 to level 35 before you will be able to craft the “+” set of armor. (In general, this is the best way to craft good armor. Not only do you get a set of Legendary+ armor, but you now have a set of Legendary armor at level 35 to Combine with another set of Legendary armor and possibly get an Epic lvl 35 armor!)

Enhancing It’s generally best to enhance armor with the same element(s) listed on the armor itself. For example, if I wanted to enhance a suit of Crius armor, I would use basic earth armor, basic air armor, stonescale plate, wind warror armor, or (and the best case scenario) suits of Crius armor. And bear in mind that if you combine Stonescale plate with Wind Warrior armor, you’ll generally get Crius armor, but you can also get Super Rare armors like Monstrous Garb or Flowstone armor. Also, don’t get caught short-monied when combining. Each fusion Combine costs 25,000 gold as well as a Fusion Stone. Fusion Stones drop from boss area monster fights (like the Earth Serpent, or the Medusa, or the Cockatrice, for example),but you can also find them regularly in silver and enchanted chests.

You can only have so much armor. If you go over your allotted number of armor suits, you will not be able to craft any more. The solution here is to enhance good sets you currently have and combine weaker armors into better armors. As a result you will need a good supply of Fusion Stones and Cash on hand.


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