Free Gems: Every day you should go to the Gems tab and get Free Gems through Video Offers (other offers work as well if you don’t mind downloading a bunch of stuff. Here’s a hint– stay away from any surveys!) I’ve been averaging about 10 gems/day. Gems are going to be critical (see Gem Spending tips later).

Your Castle: You should be expanding. Expanding, expanding, expanding! And once you expand, you should be filling those slots with gold-making additions. Your goal is to make Monster Nests and/or Training Grounds. If you plan on logging in every 2-3 hours, Monster Nests are the way to go. They generate more gold per hour than Training Fields, but they don’t hold as much gold. So to maximize your realm, figure out what’s best for you. For me, I use a mix of both. Gems are crucial here– you’ll want to upgrade your Monster Nests and Training Fields with gold (do that quickly!) and then with gems (do that as soon as you can– don’t use gems to upgrade anything else unless you want a really pretty castle with amazing Fountains!)

You’ll also want more than 1 Armorsmith, and you’ll want it upgraded. My main account has 4 armorsmiths, and my alt has 2. You need more than 1 so you can build armors for upgrades. Gems spent on the armorsmith are critical, because when you’re making specialized armors from Boss fights, a 10% savings in time is about 6 hours. Four Armorsmiths may seem a bit excessive, but if you can make 4 armors at a time, that can upgrade armor immediately.

Quests: Get the town quests done fast. You don’t want to have upgraded Training Fields standing in the way of fulfilling a quest where you need a Cathedral or Market. You’ll also want to get up through the Cabilero Desert as fast as possible. Once there, everything slows down, but you will be able to craft all of the rare (one gold star) armors which helps with upgrading armors.

Gem Spending Tips  Use your gems to upgrade your armorsmiths (10 gems), training fields (35 gems) and monster nests (40 gems).  This is a priority, so until you reach this point, don’t spend gems!  I know it’s going to be tempting, but it’s best to save these until you can spend them on permanent additions to your castle.  Don’t even spend the gems on Guild War events.  (Unless you are intending on spending money on the game.)

Once you’ve set up your castle to produce maximum gold, you now have gems you can spend on other things.  Here’s a list of Good Deals.

Boss Energy:  At the beginning of a new boss period, there is often a 1-2 day promotion that gives a bonus to the amount of Boss Energy you can buy.  The 40 gem pack is the best deal (usually 40 gems for 60 energy).  This will get most players to the Legendary Boss (and in fact you may not even need to spend that many gems.  If you don’t have strong armors, you’re going to find the fights above level 35 difficult, so you may need to purchase gems if you’re trying to get to Level 43.

Arena Energy:  25 Gems gets you 30 Arena Energy.  It’s not a great deal (and at the beginning of tournaments there are some good deals, so keep an eye out).  As I say in the Arena tab, there is no better deal than the arena for advancing your character.  There’s no downside!

Special Chests:  Don’t buy Dark Prince chests.  Ever.  Or Intermediate Chests.  Only buy the best.  And if you’re patient, you can accumulate 300 gems relatively quickly.  Most special chests give 11 armors with a chance for rare, plus 5 Fusion armors.  Do this instead of individual purchases.  You’ll mostly get super rare (two star) armors, but I landed my Epic+ Blazeborne Raiment from there.

Guild Wars:  Don’t spend your gems on Guild Wars, until there is a Frenzy.  By the time Frenzy rolls about, we’ll have scouted most of the good people to fight, and hopefully you’ll find someone you can beat up on that gives 200-300 GW points with every victory.  (BTW, if you’re low level and attacking the Castle Gate, and I recommend you do if you’re low level, don’t spend gems on it.  Ever. Save them to improve your castle.)  Frenzy will boost the GW points from those attacks by 20% for 10 minutes.


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