Bosses are critical for advancement in Knights & Dragons.  There are two numbers you need to remember when battling bosses: 15 and 43.

After boss fight #15, you’ll be able to craft the legendary armor.  Congratulations, every armor you get from quests will now be obsolete compared to that of the boss.  Ain’t life grand?

Here are some tips for boss fights.

1)  Get Friends.  You should be friends with everyone in Ghost Bear.  If you’re not, what’s your problem?  Start adding us!  😀

If you are lower level, you will need friends to make advancements.  If you use two knights and two friends, you’ll use 8 Boss Energy.  Bear in mind Boss Energy replenishes every 25 minutes.  That means if you attack at the beginning of a boss fight, you will get another 4 energy 1 hour and 40 minutes into the boss period.  So if your 5 person fight doesn’t drop the boss, you can get a 3 person fight as well. (Bear in mind you can use 2 friends instead of 2 knights).  They have more HP and better armor, natch.

Also note that friends are scaled by K&D based upon your level.  I may be level 178 and have amazing armor, but it will all be scaled relative to your level.  So if you’re level 38, my armor will be 38% as effective as if it were level 100.  That’s a significant reduction!

2)  Optimize your armor.  This goes without saying.  Make sure your hits against the boss are always against its vulnerabilities, and it never hits your vulnerabilities!  The last bit is crucial.  You don’t want to have your guy spending less time absorbing hits from a boss.

3)  The Boss fights get harder in groups.  The boss fight #15 is significantly harder than boss fight #14.  (They make you earn the boss armor.)  However, boss fights #16 and #17 are actually easier than boss fight #15.  Everything gets harder in the groups they are in.

4)  Be judicious in your use of friends.  You only get 10 of them a day, so make them count when helping you with bosses.  Also, look for friends wearing the right armor for the boss you are fighting.

5)  Timing with bosses is critical.  Use time to your advantage.  And if you’re struggling to beat the boss at level 15, here’s a tip:  use one gem to cause a crit.  If you’re close to beating the boss, it’s a good investment.  If you’re still struggling, you can spend 12 gems to regenerate the whole party.  Only use this for groups of 5.  I say this because once your friends leave the fight, you can’t get them back.

6)  Boss summons from the summoning stone are 11 gems and generally get you 2 of the armor craft items.  It may be less frustrating to get them from the summoning stone if you’re stuck at level 36.

7)  At level 43 you get to craft the armor again.  Don’t, until you get the first crafted set up to level 35. This will allow you to craft the Legendary+ set of the boss armor.  Also, at level 60 you get enough parts to craft another set.

8)  If you manage to get a Nemesis armor set, from what I can tell, they’re only good once.  I have never seen a boss repeat (yet).  So, if I were you, once the boss is gone, I’d combine the Nemesis armor with something else, or use it to enhance.


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