Where do you get gems, Nethicus?

That’s a good question.  You can buy them from the shop and fuel the industry that preys on people’s addictions to their mobile devices (boo hiss, evil bad men!) or be patient and exploit the ad-driven content on the site (boo hiss, evil bad marketing people!).

Personally, I’d rather see you take the $200 you would be blowing on gems on this game and put it in a retirement account.  But that’s just me.

You can get free gems daily from the Free Gems offer in the shop (it’s way over on the right– you’ll have to scroll).  Click on Free Gems and then Video Offers.  You can get a lot of those a day.  Do that for 30 days, and you’ll have 300 gems.  Awesome, neh?  Gree hasn’t always been that great with keeping that up, but they’ve been on top of it the past month.

So, that bring us to part 2

What do you spend gems on?  Good question.

Low Levels:  Nothing.  Save your gems!  Be patient.  I know the chests look tempting, but 99% of the time you’re going to get garbage out of them.

Once your castle is fully expanded, and you have completed all the construction tasks, then you want to evaluate if you’re a once-or-twice a day play, or an obsessive game manager.  For the former, you’ll want more Training Fields than Monster Nests.  For the latter, more Monster Nests than Training Fields.  Upgrade all of them with gems.  (FWIW, you will spend far less gems upgrading Training Fields, so that may be where you want to pour your resources.  there’s really not a big difference between a gem-upgraded Monster Nest versus a gem-upgraded trainging field. )

Mid Levels and above:  Have you upgraded all the buildings you want in town, including your armorsmiths?  (10 gems an upgrade!)  They’re worth it.

If you have, then you’re ready for the next phase– saving gems.  Save gems for the following things:

The Arena.  (see the Arena for why)

The Boss.  (you may need the extra attacks at higher level boss encounters)

The Chests.  (Save 300 gems, and you’ll get 11 opens of the Epic chests as well as 5 fusion armors.  Good deal!)

Should I spend gems on Guild Wars?

If you want to, go ahead.  But I only do that if a Frenzy hits, and only if I know we’ll be able to make a leaderboard change because of it.  If it’s day 3, and we’re 45,000 GW points out from the next rung on the ladder, I’m not spending gems because I know we’re basically not going to make the next rung.


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