The Arena

I cannot stress enough how important the Arena is. The achievable awards at your level are gems and armor and fusion stones! Everything you need to improve armor sets. If you are lucky, you can get up to a 10 streak in the arena without spending gems. To do this, with your base 5 energy, fight an opponent every 9 minutes (your streak timer should be about 1 minute). If you win, you’ll get streak bonuses. If you don’t have the time to wait around for the timer, fight 5 in a row often to maximize arena points. Also, fight your friends. I have 129 friends and get about 2400 points every time I go through my friends list. The only disadvantage is that it takes a while.

As for getting a medal in the arena? Better be prepared to spend some serious money. To give you an idea, if you managed to fight when you could for the 7 days of the Arena event, and fought all your friends, you’d end up with about 75,000 arena points (just sacrificing sleep, work, normal social interactions, etc.) The winners of the last tournament had 624,000, 504,190, and 437,101 arena points. To put that into perspective, if you spent 25 gems for 30 energy, that would get you about 4000 tournament points or so. So if the winner maximized the arena points, they’re looking at having spent about 3000 gems to get there. To give you an idea, that would cost $400 if you bought the rainbow gem packs to get up to that level!. That’s an expensive suit of armor. On the plus side, they also get all the rewards from that, which is:

1 Suit uncommon armor

6 silver keys

11 Enchanted Key

370,000 gold

20 arena energy

11 rare armors

42 super rare armors

25 ultra rare armors

20 gems

41 Fusion Stones

14 Fusion Armors

5 Dark Prince Keys

1 Legendary Armor

And that doesn’t include any streak bonuses!

But even if you don’t spend the gems and get up to 50,000 Tournament Points, you’re looking at 20 gems, 15 arena energy, 10 silver keys, 4 enchanted keys, 11 rare armors, 29 super rare armors, 1 ultra rare armor, and 5 fusion stones, plus 380,000 gold. It’s a significant haul for no investment!

For tips on what armor to wear, check out the Armor Selection tab.


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